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Criminal Law

Providing legal services in criminal matters is one of our core activities in which our legal team has significant experience and professional results. In criminal proceedings our legal team provides legal services as legal representative of the defendant or the aggrieved party, and in case when public prosecutor drops the charges, takes over prosecution. Also, our legal team initiates private prosecution and submits the requests for criminal prosecution to the competent public prosecutor for criminal offences which are prosecuted on this basis.

Our team provides legal services in so called simple as well as complex criminal cases (organized crime cases, corruption cases, high tech crime etc).

Our legal team considers that each criminal case is a unique case meaning that in each case we carry out a thorough analysis of the relevant facts, gather the evidences, and on that basis, prepare the defense.

In criminal cases, the most important is to have professional legal assistance during the first interrogation of the suspect because this enables efficient defense of the defendant in further course of the criminal proceedings. New Criminal proceedings code has introduced important novelties, among others, defense counsel has more obligations in gathering defense evidences while the public prosecutor has more authorities in criminal prosecution. The efficiency and speed in criminal proceedings are now amongst the top priorities, which, on the other hand, make the role of the defense counsel more demanding and responsible.

Besides providing legal services in criminal cases, our legal team provides legal services in misdemeanor and infraction cases (customs and business regulations as well as other regulation infractions etc).

Besides providing legal services in criminal matters, our legal team takes part in working groups, forums and conferences which debate on the criminal justice reform. Our legal team has participated in several projects implemented by the international organizations aimed at reforming the criminal code and criminal proceedings code in Serbia.

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