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Our legal team has substantial experience in providing legal representation in civil proceedings considering that this is one of our core activities.

We provide legal representation in litigious (court trial), non-litigious and enforcement proceedings.

Litigious proceeding is an ordinary civil proceeding for adjudicating in civic matters. In this proceeding, the Court deliberates and rules in personal (paternity and maternity disputes) and family lawsuits (divorce disputes, parental disputes, alimentation for children, etc) labor related lawsuits (illegal action breach of labor contract), property (property disputes, tort disputes, etc) and other civil law relations between natural and legal entities.

Non-litigious proceeding is the proceeding in which ordinary courts deliberate and rule in personal (deprivation or restriction of a person's active legal capacity, etc), property (inheritance proceedings, etc) and other matters initiated at the request of interested party or ex officio.

Enforcement proceeding is the proceeding in which courts competent for the enforcement (procedure of execution and procedure for security) carry out compulsory final civil court’s judgments, measures for security, (money claims, non-money claims, family law decisions etc).

Prior to initiating proceedings in court, our legal team will review the case (facts and legislation), advise you on the possibilities of mediation (the most cost efficient way to resolve the dispute), and then provide you the opinion on the prospect of winning the case or the maximum attainable gain.

During the course of proceedings, our legal team keeps our clients up-to-date about the status of the case as well as about all relevant issues related to the case.

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